Kendell Marvel

Tue, Aug 17, 2021

Kendell Marvel

Kendell Marvel wrote and recorded his most rececent album, Solid Gold Sounds, in a matter of days, but it took a lifetime in country music to get there.

“Country was always my thing,” Marvel says. “My dad got me a guitar when I was 5, taught me a few chords, and I started learning country songs. It probably got me through a lot of times I didn’t even realize when I was kid. It felt like those songs were speaking to me.”

The new project is Marvel’s first release for Easy Eye Sound, the Nashville label launched by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Rather than dipping into their own catalogs, Marvel and Auerbach co-wrote nine of the album’s 10 songs, rounding out the collection with a lush rendering of the Bee Gees classic, “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You.”

Auerbach co-produced the album with Dave Ferguson (Johnny Cash’s American Recordings). As one of the first people to discover Marvel’s new creative direction, Ferguson made the necessary introductions that led to creating Solid Gold Sounds.

“It was very easy and collaborative,” Auerbach says. “These songs had to tell the story about Kendell and his life as a songwriter because I wanted that to be a focus, too. He’s not craving the stage or craving the spotlight. This record comes from a humble place, which I really love.”

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