Post Sixty Five

Fri, Mar 10, 2017

Post Sixty Five

with ING and Color Palette

About Post Sixty Five:
Post Sixty Five has been described as “exciting and sexy in their exploration of the dichotomies of beauty and ugliness, of fullness and emptiness, of silence and chaos.” Images of summer and sweltering heat permeate the band’s lyrics, written by frontman and lyricist Hicham Benhallam. Laced with lush guitars, hyper-melodic bass lines, and energetic percussion, the band creates a sonic landscape that sets the scene for longing, pain and destructive desire. 

In their upcoming two-song single, Post Sixty Five dives deeper musically and lyrically into the themes that shaped their debut EP, i think we’ll be okay. In “Strange Company,” we see the lyrics tentatively expressing their desire for the other while maintaining a self-loathing that handicaps the full catharsis of the love declaration. On the B-side, “I’m Not Saying This Right,” settles in defeat. The struggle from the previous song resolves in having to leave the loved one behind and go inward.

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  • Doors

    6:30 PM
  • Show

    8:30 PM
  • Price

    GA Standing Room

    $7 General Admission


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