Goth Night Presents Crüxshadows - MOVED TO THE JEFFERSON

Mon, Feb 5, 2018

Goth Night Presents Crüxshadows - MOVED TO THE JEFFERSON

with The Rain Within & DJ Angel Metro

About Crüxshadows:

One of the most enduring acts of the entire Darkwave subculture is the Florida based group The Crüxshadows. Originally formed in 1992, The Crüxshadows have consistently delivered their positive message through the portal of synth pop hooks and dark electronics to a massive international fan base of followers. From their self-released debut, the 1993 album Night Crawls In, right through to the present, The Crüxshadows have formulated their success out of old fashioned hard work. They have logged an impressive one thousand plus performances in over thirty countries via their many marathon-like tours.

With the release of the seminal Telemetry of a Fallen Angel (existing in a few incarnations prior to Dancing Ferret Discs’ version in 1997), The Crüxshadows enjoyed their first defining moment courtesy of the infinitely catchy dance floor anthem “Marilyn My Bitterness.” With additional strong releases including The Mystery of the Whisper (1999), Until the Voices Fade (1999) and Paradox Addendum (2000) backed by lengthy tours, The Crüxshadows were able to build a legion of diversified fans consisting of everything from jarheads to gamers to anime & role playing enthusiasts. 


Their 2002 Tears EP topped the Deutsche Alternative Charts for months, a practice that has continued with all subsequent releases soaring to the DAC’s Top 10. In 2004 Fortress In Flames was released featuring a cover by the popular American artist Chad Michael Ward. There The Crüxshadows’ material was remixed by peers like the Dutch legends Clan of Xymox and German industrial giants In Strict Confidence. Each year has seen some new disc from the band, and they come in a variety of formats. The year 2005 witnessed the release of their first DVD Shadowbox. The DVD is highlighted by a 2004 performance before a rabid crowd of 15,000 at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig Germany.


In 2006 the band would seem to breakaway from their underground moniker. The addictive single "Sophia" impressively debuted on the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales Charts in September at position #1, replacing Beyoncé in the top spot while landing #7 on the Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart. The following year was pivotal for The Crüxshadows; in May the band successfully toured China performing at the Midi Open-Air Festival in Beijing, in the presence of many thousands of new fans. Later that year the band released the highly anticipated Dreamcypher album that contained yet another Billboard #1 Dance Single with the song “Birthday.” This time the band climbed into the #2 spot on the Hot 100 Singles Sales Chart. With Dreamcypher, The Crüxshadows melded their fondness for 1980s Synth Pop/New Romantic sounds with modern Euro dance nuances into perfection.

While The Crüxshadows spent most of 2009 touring in Europe, the band still managed to release yet another successful Billboard charting single in America. “Quicksilver”. Then in 2012 As The Dark Against My Halo became the first Cruxshadows disc to earn a number one position on the German Alternative Charts. In 2017 The Crüxshadows released the single Helios that skyrocketed to #1 on the DAC’s and stayed there for 8 weeks. Their much-anticipated album Astromythology was also released later in the year and for the first time in the band’s history they simultaneously topped the DAC’s Single and Album Charts.

It is not uncommon for the band to share stages with the likes of Ladytron, Prodigy, The Cure, or even Bjork. They have played thousands shows worldwide including concerts in Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, France, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Canada, Spain, The United States, The People’s Republic of China, and many, many more. They were also one of the first Western acts to play in Romania & Serbia following the cold war.

The Crüxshadows have played by their own rules, and who is to say in a world of declining sales and illegal internet downloads that they haven’t gotten the balance right. Time will tell. For now, The Crüxshadows continue to defy as well as define the odds, and their dark yet positive machine continues to roll.

About The Rain Within:

Andy Deane grew up loving the horror movies and romantic comedies of the 80s. He could watch Michael Myers taking out promiscuous teens for 90 minutes and then shift gears to find out who Molly Ringwald was going to choose to be with at the school dance. There was inspiration to be found at both ends of the spectrum... the horrific and the beautiful, the tragic and the hopeful. Either way, a great soundtrack was the one thing that could put a film over the top.

This dichotomy shapes The Rain Within's sound in many ways; The cold synthesizers of John Carpenter and Vangelis colliding with the soulful, catchy pop structures of The Psychedelic Furs and Depeche Mode. Dance beats pound a path to the future as heartfelt lyrics draw the listener back with nostalgic words of love and loss.

After 2 successful self-released EPs, The Rain Within met up with Negative Gain Productions at a performance in Los Angeles on their first US tour. A bond was formed and from it Dark Drive was born. This ambitious release was written to move you, physically and spiritually, and builds a bridge between the New Wave sound of the 80s and today's audience. The future and the past are singing in harmony on Dark Drive.

Andy Deane is a modern renaissance man, having found success as a musician, a horror author, and most recently as a photographer. He studied voice training with a teacher specializing in opera for many years, and continues to learn on the job. He has toured the US extensively and found his way to Europe and the UK on several occasions with his goth rock band Bella Morte. The Rain Within is his latest musical conquest and tours are in the works to support Dark Drive.

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