Kate Bollinger Vinyl Release Show

Thu, Nov 14, 2019

Kate Bollinger Vinyl Release Show

with The Beak Trio and Ceterus

About Kate Bollinger:

Kate Bollinger grew up singing with her mother, a music therapist, and following her older brothers around as they worked on musical projects in the basement of their childhood home. She first began releasing self-recorded songs on Soundcloud in 2013 and began playing shows around Charlottesville shortly thereafter. In 2018, Bollinger came into contact with recording engineer and producer, John Trainum, with whom she released her 2-song EP, “Dreams Before,” and a slew of indie-folk-pop singles. More recent releases, “Tests” and “do u go out together?” produced by John Trainum, drew the attention of YouTube curators such as David Dean Burkhart, made appearances on several Spotify playlists including Fresh Finds and All New Indie, and received coverage from The New York Times and Atwood Magazine.I Don’t Wanna Lose EP marked Kate’s first time working with a full band during the recording process as well as touring in support of a release.

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The Beak Trio:

About Ceterus:

"Ceterus is a collective of minds and musicians from Charlottesville focused on an all-inclusive approach to music. Arising from a hastily-put together crew for a bar show in November of 2018, this four-piece melds together many strands of influence, from jazz to rock to bossa nova,
into one musical whole. During a Spring retreat in the mountains of Georgia, “For Ya,” their first single, was written and self-recorded, releasing a few weeks later. The song blends a lackadaisical vibe borrowed from the current-like influence of a river into a slow burning jazz structure. “Queen of Cups,” their second single, released a few months later, dedicating itself to the atmosphere of a classic summer anthem. Since then, the band has been writing and performing at a breakneck pace, amassing an array of different voices and energies in their creative material. Currently they are hard at work on releasing a new single by the end of 2019 along with a debut EP due out in 2020."

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  • Doors

    6:00 PM
  • Show

    8:00 PM
  • Price

    $10 Advance

    $12 Day of Show


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