New Boss

Sat, Feb 3, 2018

New Boss

with Sorority Boy and Soju Blue

About New Boss:

Charlottesville, Virginia’s New Boss is the brainchild of guitarist Thomas Dean (Order, Invisible Hand). The lineup is rounded out by Parker Smith (drums, also Order), Jordan Perry (guitar/vocals, Eat Forever, My Mind), Scott Ritchie (bass, Errantry, Great Dads), Nick Rubin (keys), and Devon Sproule (vocals).                   

Since 2015 New Boss has churned out recordings and has played spots like Raleigh’s Slim’s, Chapel Hill’s Cave, and DC’s Rock ‘n Roll Hotel, as well as the fabled 9:30 Club. New album Third Sister (Warhen Records) is the first to feature vocals by Devon Sproule.

Re: New Boss

Vibrant, rambling power-pop […] an expert and exciting take on the swagger and style of its various rock and roll influences--from the loose grooves of late-era Velvet Underground to Big Star and Belle and Sebastian, and all the places in between.                                                                                    – 9:30 Club, Washington, DC

Ecstatic, stompy+stormy power pop with riffs to die for.                                                      – Gallery 5, Richmond VA

Listening to New Boss is like sending your brain to the beach. Their lo-fi approach is well-executed and carries their sound perfectly, with the right amount of twang and dance beats provided by premium drumming. The melodies are easy to lose oneself in, but they’re hard to leave behind. If you like Yo La Tengo or Belle & Sebastian, you’ll love New Boss.                                                – Jonathan Goodwin, The Deli DC

The perfect mix of indie and pop.                                                                                           – Work Release, Norfolk VA

Re: Third Sister: This is quickly becoming one of my go-to records. I am a big fan of New Boss and for good reason. – Jack Bishop, WJKO Radio

Re: Home Problems:

The high-brow pop and glam moves are on full blast…chord heavy songs with huge guitar riffs, keyboard hooks and intricate vocal arrangements stay just on the rocking side of baroque. – The Modern Folk Music of America

Fuzzy, hook-driven, psych pop goodness. –

Re: Twee Boogie Vol. 1 & 2 (Funny/Not Funny):

Just a solid cassette full of rock that can go back in time and be modern at the same time. You've gotta love it.                                                                                                                                                      –

New Boss wears several influences on their sleeves throughout this tape, including pioneers in the 'twee' genre mentioned in the title […] as well as some serious glam moves. […] A journey through the possibilities of a thinking man's pop/rock'n'roll.                                         – The Modern Folk Music of America 

Sorority BoyYour favorite local queer dream pop duo.

Soju Blue is an all-girl band formed just this semester by serendipitous connections at UVA. All three members are music majors at the university and have a passion for recording and performing live music. In a crossing of musical talents, Molly is a trained vocalist, Tina a classical cellist, and Maddie a pianist and vocalist. The band plays a wide variety of genres, from originals to covers of artists like Chance the Rapper, St. Vincent, and more, but are still in the workings of developing a distinct style. Stay tuned for more works to come!

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