TimaLikesMusic Presents: An Old School R&B Party

Sat, Jun 1, 2024

TimaLikesMusic Presents: An Old School R&B Party

Do you like R&B? Do you like live music that brings that funk vs. hip hop jam? Do you like dancing all night long? Then you CAN'T miss this. Trust us. This will be the vibey night you've been craving, featuring a live performance by TimaLikesMusic and her band, followed by That 90's R&B After-Party you'll be talking about to all your uncles & aunties every Sunday until the 2090s.

About TimaLikesMusic:

“Yo, tonight we are all family. So, at the count of three, everyone yell out your  favorite curse word.” 

So starts a typical show by R&B/Funk keyboardist, vocalist and band leader  TimaLikesMusic. Backed by drums, bass, trumpet, guitar, and a second keyboardist,  TimaLikesMusic shows are full of James Brown-style energy and musical comedy. 

“When I say ‘I like’ you say ‘Music’… I Like – Music, I Like – Music…” 

Tima’s big break came during Covid when she appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about her viral series of humorous jingles posted on Instagram’s Reels platform. Since  then, Tima has composed music for companies & brands including Iliza Shlesinger’s 2022  Netflix special Hot Forever, Ralph Lauren’s short film, A Portrait of the American Dream,  National Public Media podcast sponsorships, and more. Her work on a podcast created in  conjunction with YouTube and National Public Media, The Upload: Rise of the Creator  Economy, won Best Branded Podcast at the 2022 PR Daily Content Marketing Awards.  

“Fans adore her relatable content — she’s sung about everything from the  awkwardness of social interactions, to how to properly wear a face mask, to the  frustration of getting only one sauce packet with her fast food meal.” – NY Post  

Tima’s summer 2023 EP, Love, Daddy Princess, is a nod to the smooth 80’s and 90’s R&B  era. Listen carefully and you can hear the influences of Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston,  and Sade.  

Tima also produces and performs TimaLikesMusic Presents: That 90’s Love – old-school  R&B dance parties in which she hosts and DJs, accompanied by a live drummer. Most of  her live shows start with the live band set, leading into the TimaLikesMusic Presents: That  90’s Love after party.  

After selling out venues in Brooklyn, NY and Washington D.C., Tima signed with  Wasserman super agent Andrea Johnson. More tours have since been booked, more  music has been recorded, and more plans have been made. You should probably jump on  this train before it leaves you behind at the station. 

The beginning piano notes of “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton ring out. The  audience roars. “You want some funk on it?” The audience becomes a crowd, and  the roar grows. “We gonna put some funk on it. Ready?!” 

They are.

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  • Café

    6:00 PM
  • Doors

    7:30 PM
  • Show

    8:00 PM
  • Price

    General Admission
    $15 - Advance
    $20 - Day of Show


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