The Falsies

Sat, Jul 20, 2024

The Falsies

with Four Thirty Four and Heemeyer

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in-between, no matter who you are or are becoming, The Falsies help your corks pop and your balls drop as they continue to put the art in artifice and the she in shenanigans! 

“Outrageous and insightful theatrical punk”

Erin O’Hare - C-Ville Weekly

“Nothing less than a non-religious solution to the problem of evil. They’re that important to humanity.”

Danny Shea - Red Light Management

“Absurdist rock mischief-makers... always provocative...always smart”

Mike Seay - Rock Hits 92.3FM

 “What the world needs now is more Falsies!”

Jeff Sweatman - man about town

“The world is a better place with The Falsies actively in it.  Thank you for that.  An unexpected return to form that exceeded any expectations we curmudgeon fans could have ever expected.” 

Rich Tarbell - Author & Photographer - Regarding Charlottesville Music

No fads, No gimmicks, No trends…is the maxim used to describe Central Virginia’s, blue-collared quartette, Four Thirty Four. The group formed in late 2019 when members Mike Vernon (vocals), Craig Coyner (bass), and Scott Jordan (guitar) added drummer Greg Baker to the fold, to solidify the lineup. The band’s name and logo, Four Thirty Four, is a spin off of a regional area code…created with the intent to represent Central Virginia, with their brand of music. With diverse song writing and an unconventional sound, Four Thirty Four recorded and released six singles in mid-2020. By distributing these singles, one per month, each song got its own release date and attention…truly capturing the band’s influence, style and creativity. Using this release structure, networking through social media and beyond, sparked the attention of many streaming radio programs/personalities in the U.S. and overseas programs in the UK, France and Australia. In support of these singles, Four Thirty Four continued to perform throughout VA, with shows stretching into NC, and PA. Adopting the slogan ‘Live Music Rules’ and spreading the word through live performances, a grassroots following has begun to amass. While bringing live music to fans was the focus, a high energy, hard-rock sermon was the catalyst. August 2021 marked the release of The Gold EP…which includes four songs. Since it’s release, Four Thirty Four continues to reach new fans, explore new venues and travel to new states.

Heemeyer formed at the very start of the American COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Joe, Scott and Pat spent the plague years making music together, and were soon joined by Maggie on vocals.

On their latest release, a cover of the 1975 Doc Watson classic “Wake Up, Little Maggie”, Heemeyer’s deep roots in heavy metal intertwine with the sound of the Appalachian Mountains to create a haunting story of heartbreak and loss. The song as Doc Watson performed it was itself inspired by an earlier tune by the name of “Darlin Cory,” the earliest records of which stem from oral tradition in North Carolina. "Darlin Cory" became the inspiration for a family of Appalachian songs referencing themes of love, moonshine, betrayal and loneliness. Among this family of songs, “Wake Up, Little Maggie” carries the most solemn tone and a sense of impending doom. Maggie Worthington, who makes her vocal debut with the group, grew up often listening to Doc Watson’s album “Memories” which the song appears on. Having grown up listening to Appalachian folk music, she was inspired by the sad and ominous tone that the song shares with doom metal. In this rendition, Maggie’s vocals lead the first movement of the song, preserving the sparse feel of Watson’s acapella, giving way to the second movement where Heemeyer holds nothing back in their colossal brutality. Despite these genres seeming so disparate, they marry perfectly in this reinvention that celebrates the cultural phenomenon of Appalachian heavy metal.

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    7:30 PM
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    8:00 PM
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    General Admission
    $15 - GA
    $50 - 4 Pack Discount
    All Ages